Georgia District GWRRA University Policies and Procedures
Effective Date: January 1, 2014
In conjunction with all existing GWRRA University programs; LTP / MEP / RE governance, the Georgia District implements the following refinements. The intent of this protocol is to introduce standardized be both more efficiently administered and ultimately more accessible to ALL GWRRA members.


Request for and Cooperation.

A) Request for training shall first be sent to the appropriate District Officer; Leadership Training
(LTP) the GA-DLT, Membership Enhancement (MEC) the GA-DMEC, Rider Education and
Motorist Awareness (RE / MA) the GA-DE prior to dissemination to the members.

B) The requesting entity shall be the appropriate Chapter Officer; Chapter CMEC for MEC,
Chapter Educator CE/ Motorist Awareness Coordinator CMAC for RE and the CD for LTP. In
the case where a Chapter does not have an MEC, CE or MAC, the requesting entity shall be
the CD.  This promotes the GWRRA Chain of Communication.

C) This is not for approval, but to make sure that there are no conflicts in scheduling such as,
but not limited to Chapter Fun Days, District Convention or other Training already scheduled
and approved for the requested date. This provides current GWRRA members the greatest opportunity to take advantage of offered GWRRA University Training.

D) In the case of disputed dates the GA-DD will have final determination.

E) Request for training need to be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the event to allow
for proper communication to the membership. 

a)The appropriate District Officer will have 14 days to respond to the request.
b) The Course Title(s), date (as well as back up date) and location must be contained in the
initial request.

a) Some courses are restricted in class size and time sensitive such as Riding Courses,
MEDIC courses and some LTP.

aa) Additional requirements for these courses will be addressed in section S-2 of this

F) Instructors may be suggested or requested, but the appropriate District Officer will make
final decision.

a) Because all courses are taught by volunteer Certified Instructors, Presenters and
Facilitators, who must recertify by teaching a minimum of two courses per two year
period, fairness dictates that everyone gets a fair chance to comply with the mandate
and present the courses in which they are certified or to be observed for certification

G) Once no conflicts are confirmed the event will be eligible for dissemination to current GWRRA
members. (Other than MA Training which GWRRA uses to serve the community and is not
restricted to current GWRRA members)

A) This will be communicated to the requesting entity in written form via email or snail
mail and appropriately announced / advertised or possibly linked on the District web
page as well as listed in the District Newsletter.

Certain courses in the GWRRA University and Rider Education programs have additional
components that will require additional protocols. They have capped attendance numbers, time
sensitive and/or the incurred GWRRA members cost to attend the course covered by
Georgia District Rider Education.

The courses requiring these additional protocols are listed below. These courses meet this
requirement as of the Georgia GWRRA University Policies and Procedures document effective
date. Georgia District reserves the right to amend this document as new requirements or
courses are added or subtracted.

Member Orientation, Life Skills, Chapter Life, Horizon Program, Leadership Skills,
Intermediate Skills, Advanced Skills and Officer Certification Program (OCP)

Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Trike Rider Course (TRC), MSF Experienced Rider Course
(ERC), Sidecar Rider Course (SCR), Trailering Course (TC), Trike Trailering Course (TTRC)
and MEDIC First Aid / CPR
a) All components of Section 1 of this document must be completed.
b) All roster sign-ups for the above listed courses shall occur through the respective District
Officer. (I.E.: RE / GA-DE, LTP / GA-DLT or MEP / GA-DMEC)
c) Sign- First Se .
d) Each program s respective District Officer has final determination on course rosters.

1) In the event that the course has a cost to be covered by Georgia District Rider Education
the following additional protocols are as follows:
a) Must be a current Georgia GWRRA member.
b) Only GWRRA courses will be cost covered.
c) A check or money order shall be sent to the DE in the amount of $35 as a retainer to
hold the course slot.
1) - First  Serv
a) For members who have recently participated in one of these courses (within
the last calendar year from the respective course date) they will be placed on
a waiting list so that members who have not recently taken the course will
have an opportunity to do so. If an available slot exists two weeks prior to the
course event, that member will be added to the roster. Receipt date of check
1) GA-District Educator will have final determination.
d) Upon successful completion of the course the check or money order will be returned
1) Since available seats are limited failure to appear potentially prevents another
member from attending the training.