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Who's Got It/Had It?

Where'd They Take It?

***E2 has the "Tater"***

Where next?!?!?!?

A had the "Tater"

A visited E2 and left the Baked Beauty with them!!!!

Q had the "Tater"

Q visited A and left the Hot One with them!!!!

M had the "Tater"

On April 10, 2017 M visited Warner Robins and left it with Q

B2 had the "Tater"

No one told the webmaster where it went... or when. So...

I2 had the "Tater"

On February 25, 2017 I2 dropped the SPUD on B2

F2 had the "Tater"

F2 passed the steamy SPUD to I2

E2 had the "Tater"

E2 sprung the steamer on I2

K had the "Tater"

K left the TATER with E2

B2 had the "Tater"

B2 dropped the TATER with K

The previous history is being recovered and will be added soon. Please be patient.

Photos will also be added (if available).