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Hi, we are James “Jim” and Delores “Dee” Allen and have been riding bikes for more than 41 years.  In 2010 we fulfilled a longtime dream buying our first Gold Wing,  joining GWRRA in 2011.  We have been affiliated with Chapter A, in McDonough, where we have served the chapter as Ride Coordinators, Chapter Educators, and Newsletter Editors.  Jim has had a long career in the criminal justice field, having worked for the Georgia Department of Corrections for the last 26 years.   For the last 23 years, in addition to his duties as the Department’s Policy Administrator, Jim has served as a Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) instructor teaching many hundreds of courses on a variety of criminal justice and leadership topics.  Dee, after many years working in computer graphics end of the newspaper business, now operates her own business DEA Graphics and Design. 

Both are college educated, Jim with a Bachelors in Resources Management and a Masters Degree in Management and Dee with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and English with minors in Math and Physical Education and a Associates Degree in Marketing.  Jim & Dee live in McDonough, Georgia,  they have been married for 35 years, have 3 grown boys 33, 31, and 28 years old, and 3 grandchildren.

We are very honored and humbled to be asked to serve as Georgia’s District Leadership Trainers.    We will strive to make Georgia’s Leadership Training Program the best in GWRRA.  If there is any way we can help you or if you have a suggestion, please feel free to contact us anytime

Training goals have been established for all Regions and Districts. A challenge has been laid down to get all District and Chapter leaders trained. But, don't think that Leadership Training is just for Chapter Directors. It is for everybody... and it is a great way to understand how GWRRA operates. Understanding how and why our association is structured the way it is... and why we do some of the things we do, can help you enjoy your membership in GWRRA even more.

As an additional benefit, you get the opportunity to meet members from other Chapters... and sometimes from other Districts. We all know that you can never have too many friends. So, do your part and sign up. You will have FUN!

Training Opportunities Offered by the Georgia District

Officer Certification Program

Module 1. OCP Inroduction
Module 2. MOU, Confidentiality, Oath of Office
Module 3. Structure and Organization
Module 4. Chapters, Chapter Team, Web Pages
Module 5. Finances & the IRS
Module 6. Religion, Politics and Fundraising
Module 7. Membership Enhancement Program
Module 8. Marks, Logos, Patches, Alcohol
                   and Property
Module 9. Standards of Conduct, Grievences
                   and Officer/Member Misconduct
Module 10. Effective Teams and Goal Setting.

Target Training

Chapter Director Part 1
Chapter Director Part 2
Chapter Educator
Chapter MEC
Chapter Treasurer

GWRRA Horizons Program

Module 1. Team Building
Module 2. Expectations
Module 3. Meetings & Gatherings
Module 4. Communications
Module 5. The Officer Couple


Leadership Skills

Module 1. Chapter Finances
Module 2. Delegation
Module 3. Interviewing Techniques
Module 4. Leadership
Module 5. You're an Office - Now What?
Module 6. Staffing & Appointment
Module 7. Write Stuff

Advance Skills

Module 1. Coaching & Mentoring
Module 2. Conflict Management
Module 3. High Impact Leadership
Module 4. Know Your True Colors
Module 5. True Colors in a Nutshell
Module 6. The Nature of Leadership
Module 7. Leadership Survival

Life Skills

Module 1. Remembering Names
Module 2. Self Esteem - Key to Success
Module 3. Managing Change
Module 4. Public Speaking 101
Module 5. Listening & Communicating
Module 6. Smart moves
Module 7. Stress Management

Intermediate Skills

Module 1. Building High Performance
Module 2. Releasing Volunteer Leaders
Module 3. Chapter Communications
Module 4. Financial Reporting
Module 5. Problem Solving
Module 6. Win Win Progress Reviews
Module 7. Motivating Volunteers
Module 8. FUNd Raising

Chapter Life

Module 1. Chapter Structure & Organization
Module 2. What is a CD
Module 3. What is the Rider Ed Program
Module 4. Flyers for Fun & Profit
Module 5. Planning a Chapter Event
Module 6. How to Show or Judge a Bike

Member Orientation

Module 1. Horizon Program Overview
Module 2. Training the Members