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Welcome to the Georgia GWRRA Masters Wall. This Wall recognizes the Georgia Members who have achived the elite status of Master Tour Rider/Co-Rider (Level IV, SM, GM & LGM) since January 2012. This Wall not only recognizes their achievement, but pays tribute to all Georgia GWRRA Members who achieved this elite status prior to 2012.

From left to right: Alan & Jenna Phillips with Frank Brothers
Chapter GA-I2 Lavonia, GA

Peggy & Al Rogers
Chapter GA-L Rome ,GA

Charlie & Kathy Stevens
Chapter GA-D Gainesville, GA

Pam Clemmer
Chapter GA -A   McDonough, GA

Senior Masters
Ron & Susan Larsen
Chapters GA-Q&E

Ron & Beverly McDonald
Chapter GA-J Hiawassee, GA

Peg Hopkins
Chapter GA-A McDonough, GA

Bryan & Nina Davis
Chapter Educators
Chapter GA-A McDonough GA

Senior Master
Roy Degler
Chapter GA-A
District Ride Educator

Kevin Hinkle
Chapter GA-D Gainesville, GA

Debra Ogle
Chapter GA-B2 Douglasville, GA

John Andrews
Chapter GA-H Albany, GA

Melinda Brothers
Chapter GA- I2 Lavonia, GA

Glenn & Joyce Argo with Eric Wolbach
Chapter GA-S Winder GA

Jim & Dee Allen
Chapter GA-A McDonough GA

Grand Masters
Bill & Betty Livingston
Chapter-H Albany GA
10 years maintaining Level IV

Thomas Lane
Chapter GA-A McDonough GA

Joseph Lundell
Chapter GA-A McDonough GA

Elijah Fryer
Chaptter GA-A McDonough GA

Pat Whitehouse, Traci & Ken Thrasher
Presented by Julie & Roy Degler
Chapter GA-S Winder GA

Jerry Horach, Deborah & Dennis Bertram
Chapter GA-D  Gainesville GA

Arthur & Luille Seavey
Chapter GA-I2 Lavonia GA

Frank Crane
Chapter GA-I2 Lavonia GA

Joel & Genie Deaton
Chapter GA-I2 Lavonia GA

Tim & Terry Swain
Chapter GA-I2 Lavonia GA

Donna Wolbach
Chapter GA-S Winder GA

Grand Masters
Bob & Karla Greer
Chapter GA-A McDonough GA
10 years maintaining Level IV

Dee and Carlos Lozano of GA- S were presented their Senior Master patches by Roy Degler

Donna and Sid Cohen were presented their Senior Master patches
by Roy Degler at Chapter GA-S Gathering

Garland & Charleen Dennis
Chapter T Athens

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