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Motorist Awareness Page
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Our Motto:
"Share the Road"
Our Mission:
To Facilitate A Reduction In Motorcycle Crashes With Other Motor Vehicles.

Bob_KarlaMeet Bob and Karla Greer!

We are Bob & Karla Greer, the GA District Motorist Awareness Program (MAP) Coordinators. Larry & Pam asked us to serve the Georgia membership in this capacity in early 2017. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Motorist Awareness Program.

Bob &Karla

We would like to recognize our 2018 Gold Award Recipients
Chapter A

Gary & Barb Thayer
Gary & Juanita Rackley
Larry & Sheila Appleby
Bernie Batt
Nathan & Beverly Ensley
Bob & Karla Greer
Jim Thomas
Don & Sharon Jenkins
Bob Olander
Dick & Peg Hopkins
Phil Piotrowski
Bob Hickly
Chapter B2

Shirley Morris
Max, Deborah & Alex Strictland
Bobby Summer & Helen Morgan
Dean & Candice Watts
Woody & Carol Whitlock
Rick Woodford
Clarence Gregory

The following Motorist Awareness Presentations are available for all GWRRA members to present:
  1. You will need PowerPoint... or PowerPoint Viewer to present these presentations
  2. Create a folder on your computer for each presentation that you wish to download
  3. Click on RAR file for the presentation you want to download... besure to save this file to the folder that you created for that presentation
  4. Repeat process for other presentations (if desired)
  5. Go to folder you created, right click on RAR file and select "Extract Files Here"
  6. After extracting, double click the PowerPoint file to begin the presentation
  7. ENJOY!
Share the Road Presentation

Suggested Folder Name: Share_The_Road

Share the Road (RAR file)
Think Motorcycles Presentation

Suggested Folder Name: Think_Motorcycles

Think Motorcycles (RAR file)
Kids Mini Presentation

Suggested Folder Name: Kids_Mini

Kids Mini (RAR file)
Not Too Fancy Mini Presentation

Suggested Folder Name: Not_Too_Fancy_Mini

Not Too Fancy Mini (RAR file)
Stereotypes Mini Presentation

Suggested Folder Stereotypes_Mini

Stereotypes Mini (RAR file)
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