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Motorist Awareness "MA"

Our Motto...
"Share the Road!"

Our Mission...
"To Facilitate A Reduction In Motorcycle Crashes With Other Motor Vehicles."

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Motorist Awareness Begins With You

As Motorist Awareness (MA) Coordinators, our main goal is to enlighten the motoring public about not only us, but all motorcyclists on the road. Additionally, in order to maintain our not-for-profit‖ status with the IRS, we conduct educational events for the public. Monthly, the Chapter Educator tracks the MA events conducted by the Chapter. Quarterly, the MA Coordinator provides the Chapter Educator with the number of completed chapter MA events and the number of participants. These figures are included on the Educators report, and all of those figures are consolidated at the District level and are further communicated to Region and International.

In the past, National, Region and District have utilized the wording "One Person at a Time" in making the public more aware of us. My predecessor and I have both utilized these words, but it seems something has been lost in translation. I would venture to say that each and every GWRRA

Member, be it rider or co -rider, have been approached by someone nearly every time we have had our precious Wings out on the road. They may only want to congratulate us on having a Beautiful Wing, or ask questions of us. In speaking with them, if you have ever mentioned riding safely, safety gear, or the number of motorcycles on the road, or especially how great you feel while riding, you have gained their attention. Each interaction with the pub- lic, no matter how small, makes them more aware of all motorcyclists. And if by chance they have had children with them and you have gone out of your way to be nice to them, those children will probably remember you and will be on the look- out for you in the future.

Each and every time you speak with someone, be it at a dentist office, doctor’s office, gas station or grocery store, you have just conducted a Motorist Awareness event and the folks you speak with are your participants. That, my friends, is the "One Person at a Time" philosophy. Even though we have Directors and Educators filling the positions of MAC in our chapters, we all should take every opportunity to make that connection with the public and re- port it on behalf of our chapter. Very seldom have I heard the "One Person at a Time" terminology use at a Chapter Gathering, and I will freely admit that even I, in the past as a Chapter Educator, failed miserably in making my Chapter Participants aware of this Term, what it stood for, and how it benefits not only GWRRA, but all motorcyclists. Please, let us all step up, and start reporting those Events/ Participants that we never thought meant anything. And to each of you, I send my thanks and appreciation for do- ing your part to promote motorist awareness.

Until next time, Ride Safe, TALK TO PEOPLE AND REPORT IT.

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Roy & Julie Degler


The reality is that EVERY month is Motorcycle Safety and Motorist Awareness month. Don’t get us wrong, we are very appreciative of the fact that Federal, State and Local Governments set aside a month each year to get the message out to the public that not only do we exist, but realize it, accept it and above all; “Share the Road” with us. For us who ride, it is a part of our everyday reality

Each of us has a vested interest in Motorcycle Safety and Motorist Awareness because it directly affects us; the Motorcycling andTriking enthusiast.

We also believe that every one of us has a story to tell of an incident, close call or, heaven forbid, some- thing even worse that makes this very personal. Because of this we are all a part of the story, we need to take it further and make each and every one of us a part of the solution. GWRRA is (borrowing a term from Chef Emeril Lagasse) “Kicking it Up a Notch” when it comes to Motorist Awareness (MA). Sure there has been an excel- lent MA program in place for years, but the emphasis is being brought a little bit more into focus. As for the Motorcycle Safety, GWRRA has been a leader for many years with its World Class Rider Education program.

There were changes put in place within the Rider

Education Levels program that became effective January 1st of this year. Attending an approved Motorist Awareness semi- nar has become part of the requirements before advancing to Level III for both Riders and Co- Riders. Anyone who is already a Level III or higher now needs to at- tend an MA seminar in order to remain current in their Level. Attendance of an MA seminar is a one- time only requirement, but we believe you will return again and maybe again in your efforts to help us spread this most important message. After all, who better to take this message to the public then the folks that it affects the most. Take a look in the mirror, because it is you!

It would not be fair to put all of the blame on the Motorists, as we too are being judged by them. If we perform unsafe acts, violate laws and generally exhibit unsafe handling and maneuvering of our machines—what kind of message does that send? How will we be perceived? In other words; If a motorist observes any motorcyclist or trikist behaving badly, it gives them the perception that we are all the same and unfortunately perceptions are hard to overcome.

We have talked before about “Building Motorist Awareness One Motorist at a Time” and still believe that to be a viable tool in Motorist Awareness education. Your one-on-one interactions at gas stations, restaurants, etc. can be used to educate the motor- ing public that we too are on the road and that even with all of this Safety Chrome you would not believe how many still do not see us.

Maybe you could arrange for a Motorist Awareness seminar to be presented at your child or grandchild’s school, Driver’s Education Class, Church Group, Rotary Club or anything else you can think of, Car Shows, Shopping Mall booths, what can you come up with?

The Interstate Safety Breaks that various Chapters perform are an excel- lent way to spread the word. Thank you to all of the Chapters that participated in March! Georgia Chapters A, P, E, H, K, L, M, and O (we apologize if we missed any others) that were involved. GA-I2 will be holding a Motorist Awareness/Safety Break (2nd Annual) in the southbound Welcome Center off Interstate 85 Saturday May 25th. If you are in the area stop by and show your support. We know it would be appreciated.

What about a large event in a busy neighborhood shopping center? As a matter of fact, GA-D is holding just such an event Their 5th Annual Motorist Awareness Event in Cumming, GA on Saturday May 18th from 10am to 2pm.

Come out and support not only Chapter D, but all of us who swing a leg over the seat and ride the great highways and byways of this country.

Together we can make a difference. All it takes is for you to get involved. Take that first step and help us spread the word about “Sharing the Road!” Finally, Thank You to all who have been involved through the years and for those that are about to

become involved. It could not happen without you!

Until next time: Be Safe— We’ll See You On The Road!

Roy & Julie

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